Ashley Furniture Recall Fallout: Lawsuit Filed Over Apartment Fire



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In a recent development, a recliner that had been the subject of a recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in June has been linked to a devastating May apartment fire, resulting in severe burns to a resident of St. Louis. The victim, Jeffrey Jones, aged 53, has initiated legal action against Ashley Furniture, the manufacturer of the recliner, seeking $250,000 in damages.

Jones alleges that on May 13, he woke up to find his apartment engulfed in flames, leading to extensive damage and personal injury. His attorney, Bryce Hensley, has been vocal in accusing Ashley Furniture of having prior knowledge regarding the potential hazards associated with the recliner. Hensley contends that the company failed to adequately warn consumers or address safety concerns, despite being aware of the dangers.

The Woodworking Network reported that Ashley Furniture had issued a recall for certain furniture items due to a fire hazard. The recall specifically pertained to recliners equipped with cup holders featuring LED lighting, which had the potential to overheat. At the time of the recall, the CPSC had been informed of at least six incidents related to this issue, but there were no reports of injuries.

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In another alarming incident, a fire district located approximately an hour north of Chicago identified a recalled power reclining couch as the cause of a separate house fire. The Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District reported that they responded to a house fire where smoke was emanating from the roof. Fortunately, they managed to extinguish the fire in under six minutes. In a public advisory on Facebook, the fire protection district displayed a photograph of a charred couch and urged individuals who owned similar furniture to immediately unplug it.

Ashley Furniture subsequently announced a recall affecting approximately 263,000 furniture items, including nearly 10,000 units sold in Canada. The recall encompassed products from the company’s Party Time Collection, which included powered loveseats, sofas, and recliners, all due to a potential fire hazard.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the company had received reports of at least six incidents where the cupholder with LED lighting had overheated, resulting in fires and smoke damage, as well as damage to the product itself. Importantly, there were no reported injuries associated with these incidents.

This unfortunate sequence of events underscores the importance of manufacturer responsibility and consumer safety awareness, highlighting the need for vigilance when it comes to product recalls and potential hazards.

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