Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660: See the Key Difference



Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660

At the point when you’re on the lookout for a first class chainsaw, the decision frequently reduces to the Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660. These two models resemble the heavyweights of the chainsaw world, each with its own fan base and set of boasting freedoms.

The Echo CS-800P and the Stihl 660 are both powerful chainsaws designed for heavy-duty work. The Echo CS-800P is known for its easy handling, while the Stihl 660 excels in raw power and durability.

The Echo Cs 800P is popular for its gutsy exhibition and immovable sturdiness, making it a go-to for those extreme, tenacious positions. On the other side, the Stihl 660 is the exemplification of accuracy and power, a #1 among experts who depend on its smooth taking care of and predictable outcomes. Our profound jump into the Echo Cs 800P Versus Stihl 660 Chainsaw contention is something other than a technical comparison. It’s tied in with understanding what really matters to every one of these chainsaws, from their motor snort to the solace of their hold, and how they stand up in genuine tree felling and log cutting.

Whether you’re a star with a chainsaw or somebody who simply cherishes a decent instrument, you’ll find this confrontation edifying and perhaps a piece engaging.

About this Chainsaws

Professional chainsaws are powerful tools for tough jobs. They cut fast and last long. Big trees and hard wood are no match for these machines. Professionals pick them for big tasks that need serious tools.

Let’s compare two top chainsaws: Echo CS-800P and Stihl MS 660. Both have strengths for cutting big and hard wood. We will see what makes each saw special.

Overview of Echo Cs-800p

The Echo CS-800P chainsaw is a powerhouse. It’s built to handle long days and tough jobs.

  • Engine: 80.7 cc high-performance engine
  • Power Output: Generates impressive torque
  • Bar Length: Options up to 36 inches for large cuts
  • Weight: Heavy-duty yet manageable
  • Features: G-Force Engine air pre-cleaner, Digital ignition system for easy starts

This saw suits professionals in forestry and landscaping.

Echo Cs 800P

Overview of Stihl Ms 660

The Stihl MS 660 is another favorite among pros. It’s great for long hours and big projects.

  • Engine Power: 91.6 cc which means serious cutting
  • Efficiency: Fuel-efficient with a decompression valve
  • Bar Options: Up to 36-inch bars for large diameter cuts
  • Handling: Anti-vibration system for user comfort
  • Durability: Built to last with a side-access chain tensioner

Those who need reliability and performance use this saw.

Stihl Ms 660

Design and Build Quality: Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660

The Echo CS 800P and the Stihl 660 are powerhouses in the chainsaw market. Both promise durability and top-notch performance. Let’s take a deep dive into their design and build quality.

Comparing Durability and Materials

The Echo CS 800P features a magnesium crankcase. This ensures longevity while making it lighter. The Stihl 660, on the other hand, boasts a heavy-duty construction. It’s designed to withstand rigorous use.

Echo CS 800PStihl 660
Magnesium crankcaseRugged build
Lighter for sizeLong-lasting materials

Ergonomics and User Comfort

The chainsaws’ designs focus on user comfort. Echo’s rubberized grip offers ease of use during long periods. Stihl’s anti-vibration system reduces user fatigue. Below are their ergonomic features:

  • Echo CS 800P:
    • Rubberized handles
    • Easy access to controls
    • Balanced weight distribution
  • Stihl 660:
    • Anti-vibration technology
    • Adjustable handle positions
    • Ergonomic trigger design

Engine Performance and Power Output: Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660

When considering the Echo CS-800P and Stihl 660engine performance and power output are crucial. Both chainsaws offer remarkable capabilities to professionals who demand top-tier tools for their work. In this section, we will compare these two powerhouses, examining the engine specifications that set them apart.

Displacement and Horsepower Comparisons

Chainsaw engines are measured in terms of displacement, indicating the engine’s size, and horsepower, reflecting the power it produces. The Echo CS-800P and Stihl 660 stand as top contenders.

ModelDisplacement (cc)Horsepower (hp)
Echo CS-800P80.75.7
Stihl 66091.67.1

In comparison, the Stihl 660 boasts a higher displacement and horsepower, translating to greater cutting power.

Fuel Efficiency and Consumption

Fuel efficiency impacts operational costs and work duration. The Echo CS-800P and Stihl 660 have different approaches to fuel management.

  • Echo CS-800P: Features a digital ignition system for efficient combustion.
  • Stihl 660: Equipped with the Stihl Magnum engine, known for optimized performance.

Choosing between the Echo and Stihl often comes down to the balance between fuel economy and the power needs of your tasks.

Cutting Capabilities and Bar Lengths: Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660

When it’s time for tough cutting jobs, professionals reach for robust chainsaws like the Echo CS-800P and the Stihl 660. Matching the right tool to the job is essential, and with these powerhouses, their cutting capabilities and bar lengths stand out. Let’s dive into what makes each model unique and suitable for different tasks.

Chain Types and Sharpness Retention

The Echo CS-800P and the Stihl 660 both offer premium chain types. These chains are designed for durability and performance. A sharp chain means more efficient cuts and less wear on the engine and the bar. Both chainsaw models excel at keeping their edges sharp through numerous cuts.

Suitability For Different Tree Sizes

Not all trees are equal and the right chainsaw for the task can make all the difference. The Echo CS-800P shines with its variety of bar lengths, from 24 to 36 inches, making it extremely flexible for different tree sizes. The Stihl 660, with its bar options ranging from 16 to 32 inches, is also a contender for diverse cutting tasks. Both saws provide the strength needed for large trees and the precision for smaller projects.

Chainsaw ModelMin Bar LengthMax Bar LengthIdeal Tree Size
Echo CS-800P24″36″Large
Stihl 66016″32″Medium to Large

Safety Features and Maintenance: Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660

Safety features and regular maintenance are critical when comparing two powerhouse chainsaws like the Echo CS-800P and the Stihl 660. These aspects impact not only the performance but also the longevity of the saws. Let’s dive into the specifics of how each model approaches these vital areas.Anti-Vibration Systems and Kickback Reduction

Anti-vibration Systems and Kickback Reduction

Handling a chainsaw can be tiring. Anti-vibration technology lessens fatigue and strain. The Echo CS-800P features an advanced anti-vibration system, ensuring comfort during extended use. The Stihl 660 incorporates a similarly robust system. Both saws aim to keep your arms fresh and focused.

Kickback is a serious concern for any chainsaw operator. Reducing this risk is essential. The Stihl 660 offers a chain brake feature designed to engage during a kickback. The Echo CS-800P matches this, with additional design elements to minimize the chance of kickback.Ease of Maintenance and Part Availability

Ease of Maintenance and Part Availability

For both the Echo CS-800P and the Stihl 660, ease of maintenance keeps these chainsaws in top condition. Accessible filters and straightforward designs make upkeep simpler. Routine maintenance differs slightly but both manufacturers provide clear guidelines.

When parts do wear down, availability is key. Stihl boasts a wide network of service centers, making parts easy to find. Echo also offers strong support, ensuring parts for the CS-800P are readily available. Both brands value customer service highly, ensuring users can maintain their saws efficiently.

Remember, proper maintenance extends the life of your chainsaw. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results.

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Price Point and Value For Money: Echo Cs 800P Vs Stihl 660

Choosing between the Echo CS-800P and the Stihl 660 often comes down to their cost and value. Each saw delivers power and reliability, but at what price? Let’s break down their price point and overall value for money, looking at initial costs and long-term investment, along with warranty and after-sales service.

Initial Purchase and Long-term Investment

The initial purchase price is a big factor in any purchasing decision. Let’s compare:

  • Echo CS-800P: Known for its lower price tag
  • Stihl MS 660: Priced higher, reflecting its brand reputation

When considering the long-term investment:

Saw ModelDurabilityFuel EfficiencyMaintenance Costs
Echo CS-800PHighGoodLower
Stihl 660Very HighVery GoodHigher

Think beyond the sticker price. Echo may have a lower upfront cost, but Stihl’s durability and fuel efficiency provide value over time.

Warranty and After-sales Service

A solid warranty can be a game-changer. Here’s what these saws offer:

  • Echo CS-800P: Comes with an extensive warranty
  • Stihl 660: Offers a reliable warranty understood by loyal users

Excellent after-sales service is crucial. It includes:

  1. Customer support accessibility
  2. Availability of parts
  3. Service center proximity

Both Echo and Stihl provide robust after-sales support, with numerous service centers. Yet, Stihl’s service network is often considered broader.

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FAQs on Echo Cs 800p Vs Stihl 660

What Is the Best All Around Echo Chainsaw?

The Echo CS-620PW is widely regarded as the best all-around Echo chainsaw for its power-to-weight ratio and versatility.

What Is the Largest Echo Chainsaw Ever Made?

The largest Echo chainsaw ever made is the Echo CS-800P, featuring an 80. 7cc engine for powerful cutting performance.

How Many CC Is a Echo 8000 Chainsaw?

The Echo 8000 chainsaw has an engine displacement of 80. 7 cubic centimeters (cc).

Are Echo Chainsaws Easy to Start?

Echo chainsaws are designed with user-friendly features like i-30 starting technology, making them relatively easy to start.


Choosing between the Echo CS 800P and the Stihl 660 is not a simple decision. Both saws offer powerful performance for professional users. Consider your specific needs, from power and durability to ergonomics and price. Your optimal choice will hinge on which factors are most critical for your work.

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