La-Z-Boy Partners with Fivetran to Revolutionize Data Integration



La-Z-Boy Inc. Company headquarters in Monroe, Mich.

La-Z-Boy embraces a new data integration platform to dismantle data barriers, speeding up data-informed decisions throughout the company.

La-Z-Boy, renowned for its comfortable furniture, has embarked on a journey to revolutionize its approach to data. The company, famous for its residential furniture and holding a prestigious position in the FDMC 300 rankings, is collaborating with Fivetran. This partnership is aimed at dismantling the barriers of data silos to accelerate informed decision-making throughout the organization.

Situated in the United States with additional facilities in Mexico, the UK, and Thailand, La-Z-Boy is not just a single entity but a conglomerate of various divisions and manufacturing units. The central objective of this collaboration is to enhance operational efficiency and enrich customer experiences, a move that could potentially save the company millions.

At the core of La-Z-Boy’s operations are numerous stakeholders who depend heavily on data to propel the business forward. Recognizing this, the company initiated a project in early 2022 to overhaul its data management systems. Fivetran emerged as a critical component in this initiative, providing a means to centralize La-Z-Boy’s data, thereby offering quicker and more effective data access throughout the organization.

Selwyn Samuel, the Director of Data Analytics & Enterprise Architecture at La-Z-Boy, emphasizes the importance of data as a unifying language within the company. He highlights how democratizing data access is crucial for their operations. Fivetran plays a significant role in this transformation, enabling the centralization of data and enhancing access across La-Z-Boy, which in turn fosters faster data-driven decisions and better customer service.

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The results of implementing Fivetran in modernizing La-Z-Boy’s data architecture have been notably positive. The supply chain team, by democratizing data access, has achieved over $5 million in inventory optimization savings and a remarkable 20% improvement in shipping date accuracy. Furthermore, the eCommerce division has enhanced its sales order tracking, offering customers a more satisfying shopping experience. La-Z-Boy is actively working on more projects to ensure that all business facets, including marketing, merchandising, and demand planning, are driven by data and operate efficiently.

Carol Lee, the Vice President and Chief Information Officer at La-Z-Boy, praises Fivetran for its robust data movement capabilities, which have been instrumental in executing their data strategy efficiently and empowering business stakeholders with actionable, data-driven insights.

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